Robot School

Robot School is a short movie made by Living Leaf Animation Studio. There are four person in team to make this movie. The story tell  a story about Robot live. In this era, robot is live and do activities like human. They have heart to feel social interaction.

There was robot world. Robot do activities like human. Every Robot is smart with High Artificial Intelegent, but robot has to learn in academic school. In the school robot learning like human with lecture as human. Every student in the school do the best for learn to be as good as possible robot.

It’s so bad. Two robot in the school fight in the yard. They have some different argument, but every person don’t know why they must fight. They are the strongest robot in theirs school. Blue Robot is smart fighter. He know how to copy his opponent’s attack to change to deffent or attack. But, The Silvet Robot is the best in Taijutsu skill. He has strong physical. So, this is a dangerous fight in school.

All of student look like similiar each other. One day, there is a special day for a Robot Class. The class has new arrival student.

A new student come in the class. But, that surprised every student in the lass. The new robot look different with the others robot.  He think it will be so difficult.

Every student in the class hate the new robot because of the physical different. But, he has some robot that accept his difference and come to his friend. The different change to hostility that make every robot fight.